We Are Animals-2018 An Unbiased Humanitarian Documentary
We Are Animals-2018 An Unbiased Humanitarian Documentary

Do you want to know what is actually happening to the Rohingya? Want an unbiased perspective? Want to hear the Rohingya’s talk for themselves, so I highly recommend watching this documentary from Youtube. 

We are Animals (2018)

is a documentary that focuses on the Rohingya refugee crisis. Directed by Malaysian director, Zan Azlee, he filmed into one of the largest refugee camps in the world located in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. He sheds light into the issue that happened and the situation of the Rohingya refugee. 

During the interview, Zan asks the questions and waits for them to answer. He lets them talk freely as if he wanted to give them a chance to speak up against the struggle that they are facing. It is their story and Zan is listening to them. Rohingya is a minority ethnic group that faces discrimination under the Myanmar government. The conflict rose due to Rakhine State in Myanmar where conflict happened between Rohingya Muslim and Rakhine Buddhist. Sectarian violence that happened had intervention from the Myanmar army and security forces. The conflict started from 1942 and the conflict is ongoing until now (2021). 


Since the Rohingya faces discrimination from the government, lots of people have been infuriated and criticizing Myanmar government and their actions. Genocide happened as innocent Rohingya were killed. Myanmar government is committing crimes of ethnic cleansing, apartheid and racial segregation. Apartheid happened in Rakhine where it is controlled with army forces and the remaining Rohingya are being discriminated.

The government is reinforcing segregation. Myanmar has committed offense towards humanity corresponding to international laws. This issue is dehumanizing that the UN has described the situation as a ‘textbook example of ethnic cleansing,’ (Nik, 2017). 5 Every human has basic human rights until the day they die. Basic rights such as equality, dignity, fairness, respect and independence. However, Rohingya struggles with their social rights. 

Myanmar, their own country who was supposed to protect their basic right failed to do so. The refugees fled from Myanmar to seek a better life. Their living conditions are very bad. In the documentary, some of the kids have developed malnutrition, especially Kwashiorkor.

This Documentary

wants to shed light and truth on this issue, Zan Azlee is trying to keep it as real as possible. Viewers can get the most insights and ideas on how their daily life looks like. In the editing process, minimal color touch-up is used. When Zan Azlee interviewed the refugees, the footage was not trimmed or shortened. It is best to do so; to keep the realism factor and it is as if we are talking to them face-to-face. Raw style is what Zan is going for. Being neutral and natural with little narration from Zan. Furthermore, there are no voice overs added in the editing process. He only spoke during the shooting in the refugee camp. Deep down, viewers know that Zan speaks from what he sees and has experienced. 

We are Animals (2018) has caught the Rohingya story. It contains personal story of individuals like Hafes Ullah and Muhammad Ishak. One of the things that viewers can learn is to be thankful for what we have. As hard life can be, at least we have our basic human rights acknowledged. If you are interested in oilfield equipment preservation solutions Malaysia click here

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