Top 3 Things To Do When You Visit Semenyih 
Top 3 Things To Do When You Visit Semenyih 

What To Do When You Visit Semenyih 

I have heard someone saying that traveling is a waste of money. There is someone that even says that it is a waste of time. For some people, travelling is an escape from daily routine. It gives relaxation to their minds, there are those who travel to find inspiration, and some even travel just to follow trends. Not just an activity to get somewhere, not just a fun activity, and not just a “walk”.

Usually I travel most often with my family. My parents always invite me on weekends because they think weekend is the right time to gather with family and family day with very busy activities from Monday-Friday so weekend time is a very suitable time for togetherness with family. 

Rabbit Fun Land 

Most people love cute animals! Here you can find a lot of species of rabbit. The ticket was about RM10 per person. You can purchase some foods to feed the rabbits like packets of carrots and apples. RM 8 was the amount needed to purchase them. The rabbits roam in an open area so you can play around with them freely. There are also some goats here. You can pet and feed them too.

Bukit Broga Hill 

If you love hiking, this is the perfect destination in Semenyih for you. Broga Hill has been placed in Top 10 Semenyih Attractions. You can enjoy fresh cold air while accompanied with stunning 360 degree greenery all around. The panorama consists of palm oil farm and forest view on the peak. 

Here is some review on TripAdvisor: 

I’ve known about Broga Hill as a good hiking spot for a long time. My mom lives only 15 minutes away and I decided to try out this place with my sister and her 12 yo daughter.

Be prepared to pay RM 1 per person for parking and another RM 1 per person as you enter the hill area. It is advisable to bring bottled water along with you during the climb. You don’t want to be dehydrated.

It was worth the climb. Some parts were quite steep so, make sure you dress appropriately and wear proper shoes. It was a surprisingly beautiful morning when I went. We reached the parking area at about 6:45am, just in time to catch sunrise. We were lucky as there was no haze on that day and the view was spectacular. Coming down was a little more challenging for me. Just go slow, stay safe and enjoy the experience. We were back at the parking area by 10am, just in time for a somewhat late hearty breakfast!

Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest 

The entrance fee is below RM5. The price point is so cheap that you can bring your whole family here. The steps leading up were not too steep and were easily managed. It is suitable for families and individuals. If you are here mainly for a picnic, it is not advisable because the picnic area is indeed quite limited. If you are here to shower or play around, it is better than coming here just for picnic. Just a reminder though- it can get very, and very crowded on weekends and public holidays. Stay safe. 

That is all for today’s post. See you soon, stay safe and happy! 

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