How To Support Your Teenage Child?
How To Support Your Teenage Child?
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Let’s be real, teenagers are not the easiest person for any of us to handle. It’s like they are big enough to make their own decision but somehow we still need to monitor them because we do not want them to make the wrong decision. Taking care of your teenage child is different from taking care of your small child. They are rebellious and sensitive, they want to do things by themselves but they are incapable of doing many things on their own. 

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Here are some tips on how to support and be there for your teenage child. 

Listen To Them 

As a teenager, sometimes we are struggling with our emotions and we need someone to listen to us. As a parent, all you need to do is show your teenager that you are there and you are willing to listen to any of their problems. When they are sharing about their problems don’t say things like “back in my days” or “it’s nothing you are just overreacting” instead, be aware of their feelings and show them that their problems do matter to you. 

Be More Than Parents

I get it, you are their parent but sometimes when you are playing the parent card they will feel the burden or they will feel that they are some boundaries between you and them. So, make them feel like you are also their friends and they can be comfortable around you. Show interest in their interest and ask about their day. Also when they are sharing stories with you give them a suitable reaction. This will make them feel more appreciated. 

Encourage Them 

Teenagers have a lot of things that they want to discover and do. Instead of opposing their ideas listen to them first and give them your opinion about them. Try to negotiate with the ideas that they have and encourage them with whatever they want to do. However, you need to make sure that the thing they want to try is something safe and legal. If they want to pursue their study in “diploma jururawat” be proud of them and encourage them. This will push your teenage child to work harder and be the best. 

Space And Boundaries 

You want to be there for them but, it is also important for you to give your teenagers their own space and privacy. Most of the time, this will take place in their own bedroom and when they are there, they don’t like to be disturb. Even though it is frustrating for you, you need to respect their space and privacy. Give them time for them to open with you and if they don’t then do not push them. Treating them like an adult will make them respect you more and they will feel respected by you. 

Be Present In Their Life

The most important feeling that every teenager wants is to feel appreciated by their parents. Yes, they might rebel and act tough in front of you but deep down they are still a small child that needs your attention and validation. Tell, them that you are proud of them for whatever achievement that they make, tell them that it is okay to make mistakes and the most important thing is to learn from that mistake. Your child looks up to you, so be there for them and give them your attention and love. 

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