Bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia
Bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia
achelor of medicine and surgery malaysia

To be able taking bachelor of medicine and surgery malaysia, students need to excel well in their studies, especially SPM and foundation or diploma.  Usually, this programme takes about 5 to 6 years of study, depending on the universities and colleges.

However, the intake of students for this programme in local universities is very limited as there are lots of excellent students in Malaysia. Students need to compete with other excellent students to enroll into this course. Despite this problem, there are some private institutions that offer this programme thus students need to grab this opportunity to be part of this programme.

One of the universities that offers this course is RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC). This Medical Institution began its journey as Malaysia’s first accredited private medical institution in 1996. RUMC was actually published to complete the need of the northern region to have a medical institution. This institution has produced over 2,000 medical graduates since its establishment. To enroll in this programme, students need to have foundation in Science at RUMC, with the cgpa 3.50 – 4.00.

Why Study Medicine with RUMC?

This institution offers high quality clinical training throughout the study. Students will be able obtain high quality training hospitals during their clinical years. The duration of the study is only 5 years, in which 2.5 years of pre-clinicals will be in Dublin and the remaining 2.5 years of clinicals will be in Penang. During the preclinical years in Dublin, you will gain and master the knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology. These subjects are essential subjects that students need to pass before going into the clinical years. The fees for Malaysians is only RM620,000, quite affordable compared to other private institutions. The great thing about this course is that students can apply for the scholarship if they want.

After completing the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, every medical student needs to go for a houseman, before being able to fully register and practice in a medical office in this country. Housemanship can be very stressful for some medical students, as they need to work very long hours. Some of them do not get enough rest and sleep, and this will test their patience and intensity to be a doctor later on.  

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